Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Seely Infants - Our Christmas stories......

Robot Dancing - 7 videos from a visit to the South ELC

Seely Infants Christmas Celebration

Here are some photos from our Christmas event - better late than never!

The Seely Videos 6 - The Space Team

Seely videos 5 - The end of the Long Armed Alien!

Seely Videos 4 - The Alien Hunt

Seely Videos 3 - Super Mum's Flight!

Seely Video 2 - Space Cream!

Seely Videos 1 - Banana in Space!

We hope you enjoy watching our 'stop-frame' videos -

Seely Infants Christmas Fun

Here are some examples of the writing and work we did over Christmas!

Our Christmas card

Our Christmas card writing

Christmas news