Monday, 14 November 2011

K'nex day - Haydn Primary

Our amazing year 2 class went to a K'nex day, they mixed with other groups and had a bucket load of fun!

Haydn - Spanish - European Language day

One of the Infant classes in European Language day learnt about a spanish artist called Joan Miro!

Knex Day

14 November 2011

Maths Week at Seely Infants

Last week we had Maths Week. There was a maths competition and the prize was a day with Matthew the Mathematical Bear.
In Class 9, we made smoothies and we needed to order the fruits correctly.
In Class 7, we had lots of fun learning about maths and we learnt about money on one afternoon.
In Class 6, we made bread and decorated biscuits with symmetrical patterns.
In the hall, we had lots of fun maths games. One was a doughnut game and another was noughts and crosses. We had lots of activities and games in the classroom.

KNEX at Henry Whipple.

On Tuesday 4th October,6 schools came to Henry Whipple Primary School. 5 children came from each primary school to make a fair ground model out of KNEX. People from different schools worked in 3's and they made a big wheel and much more out of KNEX. It gave them some experience of engineering.

Remembrance Day

From 1914 to 1918 there was World War 1
From1939 to1945 there was Wold War 2

Everyone was shooting ,tanks firing cannons,
homes burning and soldiers charging from
the trenches

Now today we wear a poppy to remember
those who perished, all their graves lying
silent numbering in thousands

So that is why we wear the poppy to honur
all who dided here on Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day

This is the day,

Where they lay.

In the ground,

You can't hear a sound.

Poppies are red,

And all the people bled.

They in Flanders Fields,

And don't ever forget,

They did'nt yield.

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Congratulations to Winners of Writing Competition!

Congratulations to the 2 overall winners of the EIP Writing Competition, held in June 2011!

They were:-
Key Stage 1 - Mitchell Rowley from Henry Whipple Primary
and Key Stage 2 - Emily Bagguley from Carrington Primary.

Mitchell and Emily won a family skating pass each, kindly donated by the National Ice Arena in Nottingham. The prizes were awarded for the most original endings to the "Spooky House Dilemma" story posted on the blogsite earlier this year. Well done to both of you!

Stationery sets were also awarded to the best entries from KS1 and KS2 in each EIP school. Look on the blog for a selection of these!

Linda Chambers, EIP Manager.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Winner, Spooky House Dilemma

Joe creeps down the staircase. He sees a black door, half open.The moment he steps inside he's in pitch black." How will I ever find my way out, if I can't find the door?Mind you a light would be more useful." He spoke out loud. Of course the most obvious thing would be to look for the light switch. He did this with great difficulty. Stepping carefully his fingers rubbed against a switch, a light turned on.Joe had been on a platform , that had a door at one end labelled 'VISITOR'.At the other end was a steep drop.At the edge of the platform was a light switch, the one that Joe had turned on. He was now falling down very slowly but still had his hopes up.The light went out of view. As he went down the drop, he came past lots of sleeping ghosts, as well as other doors, labelled J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl and so on. He fell on hard stone floor, luckily a light witch was on. He heard voices, merry voices.He saw a golden door. Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside and stood for a while in silence. What could go wrong?
Joe saw all the writers of his favourite books, all writing on a laptop or notepad.He met some of the writersa nd waved to others. He found a rusty, creaky, crumbly staircase. A ghost came up to him and said," You shouldn't be here. Everyone is scared of this house."
" I'm not scared,"replied Joe.
"Is that so? Even if you met Dr Spook?" asked the ghost timidly.
" I might be, how would I know? I haven't met him," whispered Joe.
" You wouldn't want to,always talks about when he was alive, breathing and innocent," grumbled the ghost.
"What do you mean innocent?Not all humans are innocent,"laughed Joe.
"Really, humans look it, they even have lungs," replied the ghost.
Joe felt scared as the ghost spoke.His voice was icy and cold, like no warmthe had flown through his body for decades.
He plucked up his courage and said,"Excuse me kind ghost, but where does this staircase lead to?"
"Dr spook's lab, but I wouldn't be thinking of him this hour, he'll be too moody," the ghost whispered sleepily.
Jow whispered goodbye and went up the staircase.He found the lab alright! The voice of Dr spook came through the open door.
"When I was alive,breathing and proud, I had the best legs ever, but not now, no-one cares about Dr Spook. Don't think I don't know what the ther ghosts say, he moans a lot, he's moody, I'll show them!" grumbled Dr Spook.
Joe crept in through the doorway.
"Who's there? If it's Mandy, go away, if it's Charles, leave it to lunch! So who is it?"
"Joe, I'm here on a visit,"replied Joe fearlessly.
"Joe, you're a visitor I take it, a breather?"
"Yes," Jo answered uncomfortably.
"Welcome to my lab, or as the other ghosts say the 'freak clubhouse'. Only myself here, trying my experiments," grumbled Mr Spook.
" What experiments, for what?" Joe asked,a little excited.
" To turn ghosts to human, or find a way to have human body, mumbled Dr spook.
"Is that possible?"asked Joe doubtfully
" It might be, this is my 1563rd attempt. I've been trying for a year and 6 months now."
"Can I help?"
"Hmm I might need a human to help with the experiments, plus I need a human to fetch my equipment and lots of clean tubes."
" I'll be glad to!" replied Joe happily.
"we won't start yet, too late, we need our sleep," yawned Dr Spook sleepily.
Dr Spook led Joe to a wall with a statue. He pulled the statue's arm, a door opened.Inside was a velvet curtain across the window, soft comfy beds(2),wardrobes and a small bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. Joe swa a picture, it looked like a young man holding a baby. Joe slept, so did Dr Spook.
In the morning, Dr Spook got up, so did Joe.For 53 days they tried potions of all kinds to turn ghost to man, all in vain.
Joe went into the old house's library.He found an old fairy tale said'What makes a human is sorrow,joy and laughter.'
Hmm maybe,thought Joe,Dr Spook has plenty of sorrow, no joy.
Dr Spook used to be a sailor, so did Joe's grandfather.Joe felt sure that the picture in Dr Spook's room was of him, as a baby, and his grandfather.
"Dr Spook,I don't think you'll ever become human by mixing odd ingredients,"Joe whispered nervously.
"Why,what else can I try?" enquired Dr Spook.
"Well, my book says real humans hav sorrow and joy.You have to be happy!"laughed Joe. So Dr Spook tried to smile and laugh all day. after a week, he was almost human.His breath was warm, he had blood but something was missing." I don't understand, why aren't I human?" shouted Dr Spook.
" I don't know,maybe you're not trying hard enough!"answered Joe stressfully.
"I am trying,I've cried,laughed, argued, made friends,what else can I do?"argued Dr Spook.
All night Joe thought about hs mum and dad, he felt a bond maryeven though he was in a creepy house,
"I've the answer, it's love! "shouted Joe one morning.
"What's that?" enquired Dr Spook.
"Well, I love my mum and she loves me,it's like friendship, only more powerful,"answered Joe.
"I don't have any family to love,"whispered Dr Spook, tears fell from his eyes.
So Joe searched for a relative for Dr spook to love. Then it struck him, Dr Spook was his grandfather, who sailed to sea and never returned.
"Dr Spook, I'm your...."
"I know, my grandson ," said Mr Spook. He cried. Suddenly Dr Spook had bright blue eyes, dark hair and white teeth."We must escape!" shouted Mr Spook. They ran into a door, they were floating upwards. They found a platform and stopped to catch their breath.
"Why would they hurt us?"spoke Joe, out of breath.
"I am human, so they shall attack," replied Dr Spook. They pushed open the bookcase, and left the crooked house. Carefully they twisted and turned through all the dusty furniture. soon they were back at Joe's house. Dr spook changed his name to Mr Lupin. That was his brother, a werewolf's name . Joe never ever saw a ghost again, well almost never...

By Emily , Year 5

Monday, 15 August 2011

Spooky House Dilemma. Carrington Key stage 1 winner

The long spiral staircase led Joe upwards to a treasure trove of old books. Each book allowed Joe to jump inside it and become part of the story.There were adventure books, funny books, scary books, nature books, science books,travel books and magic books.
Suddenly he saw a person, or he thought it was a person but he realised it was a ghost. Then he heard a voice and it was very scary.
The voice said"Get out of this cottage!"
Joe said "No!"
The ghost said"I'll get my friends to come and kill you."
He just wanted to run away home. Joe ran back to the bookshelvesand found a book with a shiny red cover, but it had no name and all the pages were empty. He jumped into it , but where would the story take him?
To be continued....
by Ellie , aged 6

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Playhouse - Drama Workshop - Year Six

Playhouse Visit 2011

Class 6

Tuesday the 24th of May the Playhouse Theatre Group came to Carrington.

There were two actors in the play, a man called Jack and a woman called Becky. They played several characters, Jack played the mum, the stranger, the cook, the teacher (Mr. Sans), the butcher and the carpenter. Becky played the main character, Sammy. She also played the holy man and shared the job of being mum. There was a woman called Ali who did the sound on a computer.

The play was about a little girl called Sammy, who lived on an island, beside the beach, with her mother. Her father was lost at sea when Sammy was a little girl. One day, a stranger was washed up on the beach. The people of the village went to see this stranger and they all thought he was hideous. They wanted to kill him and torture him. They locked him up in a goat pen and kept him there for days and days. He was starving and thirsty until the little girl’s mother gave her food to take to him. The villagers got angry and they ended up throwing him into sea on a raft. Sammy watched with a tear going down her cheek. That was the end of the play.

After we had our play, we went into the hall. Ali made us sit in a circle and she asked us what we remembered about the play while Becky wrote everything down.

During the workshop we had a go at visualization. We had to pretend we were the creature in the play; this helped us to get into character (this is something that professionals actors do whilst rehearsing).

First of all we got into small groups and the idea was to create a snapshot of the play. We did a freeze frame of the stranger leaving home and freeze frame of him arriving at the island. The idea of the freeze frame was to get you think about facial expression and animation.

Watching the play was the best bit. Sometimes it was funny sometimes it was a bit sad because you felt sorry for the stranger. It was a great show and told you not to judge people before getting to know them, which is something that will help when we go to secondary school and meet new people.


Year 6

Carrington Primary

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Drama At Nottingham Castle

On February the 8th class 5 went to Nottigham Caste to take part in a drama workshop. We had a great time doing three different activities, one about the black death, in one we were being police and in one we were learning about pick-pocketing. We sang a song at the beginning and had a great lunch after two different activities. The drama taught us a lot about history , all class 5 had a great time. We got to play in the adventure playground, nobody wanted to leave.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Outdoor Learning

Classes 3 and 5 have been learning about maths outddors. We really enjoyed making dens. Our strongest dens were made from pyramids and triangular prisms. We worked really well together and had lots of fun.

Monday, 23 May 2011

A Description of A Mythical Creature

Her emerald ,seaweed hair glows spookily water waiting to strangle her prey.She has a forked tail that bangs on the bottom of the sea, creating terrible waves and storms. On the end of her scaly tail is a luminous lantern , guiding unknowing boats towards her. This fearsome beast has eyes all around her head to see what's going on arond her in the vast ,gloomy ocean.Her wobbly legs are like jellyfish, but much stronger, they sting painfully when you touch them, they have razor sharp claws on the end of them. She has venemous mouldy teeth that she uses to kill and eat her prey.Her talons are very strong she uses them to batter the bottom of boats, sinking them. She has an ugly, gruesome head which has three deadly meathods of killing. Her scales are electric blue and give you electric shock when you touch them.

By Tess (yr 5)


Poseidon's beard is super wavy, it goes as wild as seaweed in a current. His hair is radiant, it sparkles at sunset. Poseidon's muscles are bulky, they poof all goddesses away. His shoulders are so powerful, he makes them sweaty everyday by riding the oceans. Poseidon's trident is so majestic, he slams it down to cause a tsunami. His golden, mesmerising chariot, calms the rugged sea down. Poseidon's temper is deadly, it is unpredictable for the sailors. His powers are so dramatic, they are always consequential.


Carrington Primary

reading day

On Wednesday 18th May all off Northgate had a reading day. On reading day we had to dress up as someone from a book for example I was dressed as Dorothy Gale from the wizard of oz and my Friend Russell dressed up as sleeping beauty even though he was a boy!! It was very exiting because we did all sorts off activities.


Jim stood still,

Hardly breathing,

Tips of boots shuferling.


Stood frozen,

Middle of the gate.

Heart pounding.

Took chance carefully,

Slinked like a cat.

So close now,

Trying to prepare himself.

Finally FREE!!!

New school!

Soon (after the year 6's have left), the school is being built bigger. It isn't being knocked down then rebuilt, its being built on the top and outwards, like Henry Whipple Primary. Some classes such as year 3/4 have made tally and bar charts about what the pupils what like in the school when it has been built bigger and we made a display in the hall, with all the work on it. Mrs. Anderson (our headteacher) gave each class a A2 piece of paper, including three questions;
1:What do you like about the school?
2:What do you want to add to the school?
3:What do you want to change about the school?
The most voted answers were to have have massage rooms, rollercoasters and swimming pools!

By Cole Ison, year 6.

Persuasive writing,Henry Whipple

Class 4 have been doing some persuasive writing....
come and spend an amazing day
here spend all day.Save up to

£1.00 on children under 3
years and under.Adults will enjoy
it because there are a lot of things
to do.There is a massive car park
your car will be safe here.

First you get to go and have a look at
the animals.There are lots of things
for friends and family to do and children.
Children are safe and there is a soft play area
for children 3 years to 18 months only.
when you think you have had enough
there is wonderful 4D film on
you don't have to pay its free.

By Leighann,class 4,Henry Whipple

Persuasive Writing:Henry Whipple

As soon as you pay,you get
unlimited rides of your choice.
And the food is extraordinary,
you can get burgers, salads and
even food from all around the
world. There is a massive car
park and the deals to go are

Alton Tower is a brain-thrilling
theme park for all. Its wonderful
,everybody recommends it.


Year 3 have been learning about WW2 and we have to bring our gas mask everywere! Our first air raid attack was Thursday 18th May. It was quite boring because all we had to do was put on our gas mask and wait for the end.In the meantime we listend to music to make us feel happy and to make us forget about it!!!

By Lucas Hill Y3, Haydn

ice skating year 5`s

Every Thursday the year 5`s have been going ice skating. First we split into two groups, then one group goes into a room where you play games and do exciting things, the other group goes to line up to get their ice skates. When we have put our ice skates on we go on the ice. There is two groups, a high group and a low group. There are 4 people in the highest group and loads off people in the low group. Because I am in the highest group these are a couple of tricks that we do. Little man - you have to bend your knees and stretch your arms out in front off you and glide, lemons - you have to move your feet in out in out whilst skating, double jump - you have to do a double jump , lifting one foot off the ground whilst gliding, and last but not least is skating backwards - you have to lift up your feet whilst going backwards and you will begin to slide back wards
by Carla Charles, year 5

S.A.T.S & afterwards treat!

Two weeks ago, the Year 6's started their S.A.T.S. Although they were badly stressed, they pulled through just fine. They all found it hard (even the clever one's, who don't admit it). On Monday, they had a reading test. Tuesday, they had long writing, short writing and spelling. On Wednesday, they had maths paper A and a mental maths test. Thursday, they had maths paper B. Finally, on Friday they had the day off. But not exactly, they walked down to the Forest (local park) and split into two groups-football group ( they'd play football on the field) and the park group (they'd play on the park and all the slides e.t.c). Although the year 6's went to the Forest, the year 5's went as well to say thank-you for being crammed in the community room!

By Cole Ison, year 6.


Here is report about Boudicca written by Molly Alexander, 3M, Haydn Primary School:

Where did Boudicca live?

Boudicca was a Celtic Queen that lived almost 2,000 years ago when Britain was part of the Roman Empire.

Who were the Roman Leaders?

At this time, Britain was divided up into kingdoms and each kingdom had a leader. The Romans quite liked the idea of seperate kingdoms fighting each other because it meant that they were less likely to join together and fight against the Romans.

Who was Boudicca married to and what did he think?

Boudicca married King Prasudagus, who was king of the Iceni Tribe. Prasudagus was worried that this would not continue when he had died.

When and where did Boudicca fight?

Boudicca's battles happened when Suentinius Paulinos, the grovenor of Rome was away fighting Druids in Anglesey, North Wales. This meant that the Romans who were left behind didn't have a leader to tell them what to do but... When Suentonius Paulinos heard about the Iceni revolt, he decided to come back which was when things started to go a bit wrong for Boudicca.

When and how did Boudicca die?

Boudicca died around AD 66 because she had poisoned herself with a special type of poison.

Sir Francis Dawn (Seely Juniors)

He saw it, the ghost of sir Francis dawn. It hovered before turning to flee into the starry moonlight night, Tim stood gazing at where the transparent figure had once been...

Tim decided to go to his local library to gather some information on sir Francis dawn, he went up to the Liberian's desk and asked
"Do you by any chance have any information on sir Francis dawn please miss?"
"Yes, we do on aisle 6, shelf 2, book 246." She replied in her friendly voice.
"Thank you." Said Tim. He started walking away to where he thought the book would be. (It was there) he took it off the shelf and read what he needed:
Sir Francis dawn died, but he never got what he always wanted... a sailing ship. Tim flipped the page and there he saw a little picture of a sailing ship. He automatically knew it was dawn's!

That night Tim waited at the spot where he first had seen the ghost . Then a ghostly Francis dawn came towards him red eyes blazing. Tim thrust the picture at the terror. Next a funny thing happened, there was a blinding flash and the ghost had gone, it had disappeared. Tim went back every night for a week, but still no ghost so life went back to normal and Tim kept that secret for the rest of his life!

By Manny
Year 4
Seely Junior school

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

February Fun!

Seely School all enjoyed celebrating and finding out about Chinese New Year. Some of the younger children created their own dragon dance and performed it to the rest of the school in assembly. Here is a photo of the dragon costume.

The Event

"Yaaaaaaaay!!" screamed 4W as they raced out for a long deserved break. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Spring was coming. "La la la la la" chanted the year three's as they skipped out of there classroom. Even the ever so unhappy year six's were kind'a jolly . It was not an ordinary morning break time at Seely Junior School.

In fact Seely School was so jolly that no one noticed a dark, mysterious shadow covering the football area ... and pretty soon it covered the whole playground ... there was something green and doughnut shaped in the sky..."is it an extinct bird?" asked one boy from 4A. "Is it a plane from the German Air Force?" shouted a girl, who is a star in history. One boy who had excellent eyesight, shouted softly, "It's a flying saucer?" "You're crazy, your ballistic, your insane, your out of your mind! Well I think - I think it is!" stammered the humiliated boy with the great eyesight. Seely School looked up to see the unknown doughnut shaped object descending from its original place in the sky. "Well, whatever it is" declared a thin boy from year six,"It's going to land on our playground and crush us all." Another boy from year six cried, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" "Are you sure?" screamed a boy with the softest voice you will ever hear. "OF COURSE IM SURE!" bellowed the boy furiously. "I DONT THINK IT WILL!" shrieked the boy with the soft voice bravely. "IT WILL!" insisted the year six boys with gritted teeth. "Stop arguing boys" demanded Miss Lancaster, who was on duty. "LOOK!" screamed everyone at once...

There, hanging just above the football area was an unknown thing that looked like a flying saucer. "I was right" screamed the humiliated boy with the great eyesight, "It is a flying saucer!" He was very proud of his eyeballs. Suddenly... there was a gigantic CRUSH!! The flying saucer landed on the football area. One girl, that loved football screeched, "NOOOOOOOOO!!" because the football area was destroyed, nowhere in sight, completely gone!

A mild and sweet smell of freshly made pancakes, maple syrup, Channel No.5 filled the air. Miss Lancaster seemed to be hypnotised by the smell because to everybody's utter surprise, she started moving towards the unknown, terrifying UFO! Miss Lancaster disappeared. By then, Miss Wesson flung open the door and walked like a zombie to the flying saucer followed by, Mr Hillier, Miss Richardson, Miss Atkinson and the rest of the teaching staff. The first two suddenly... disappeared, just like Miss Lancaster did, a few minutes before. The next moment, the flying saucer was already in the sky. Dumbfound, flabbergasted, thunderstruck, we stood there motionless. I had a sensation that this wasn't the end. Oh boy was I right. It was coming back. FLASH! And it sucked me in.

(To be continued....)

By James, Seely Junior School

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Seely Infant and Nursery Book Week

We dressed up as characters from traditional stories to celebrate World Book Day. Some of the children dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood and lots more. Even the teachers dressed up! We had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An e-Learning Journey!

Yesterday, we held our third Editor’s Board meeting of Sherwood Schools Blogspot and with Martin Macgillivray, Manager of the eLearning Centres to guide us, we certainly learnt a lot together!

First of all we learnt the difference between a website and a blogsite – (you can comment on the posts on a blogsite) so we had a go at posting our comments.

Then we had a discussion about what ‘tabs’ we would like at top of the Home page of the blogsite and Martin put these on for us. We decided that all pieces of excellent writing would go on the blog first as a ‘post’ and then at Editors Board Meetings we would decide which ones to showcase  in the “Top Stories” or “Poetry Corner” tabs.

Some of us cannot make the videos play so Martin is going to investigate this and then these can go in the “Video Showcase” tab.

Next we talked about re-designing the banner or watermark at the top of the Home page to feature staff and pupils from Sherwood EIP. From this, we learnt about copyright laws and how we can choose pictures etc. from ‘creative commons’ –stuff on certain websites which anyone can use (within certain restrictions).

We agreed that people would post on the site their ideas and photos for the banner design, or email them to Martin. This led us on to talking about e-safety – very important!  - and how it is essential to get permission from the person or children’s parent/carers before using any photos or videos of them. Everyone will check this before posting.

We also noticed that we need to change the name of the blogsite to something like “Sherwood Education Improvement Partnership Blogsite” . We’ll have to talk about this again next time!

So… as well as the children having somewhere to showcase their excellent work and tell their school news, they are learning lots about how to set up and use a blogsite -and its teething problems!- and about all the decisions that have to be made along the way.  It is a great e-learning journey!

We are meeting again on Monday, May 23rd at 1-3 p.m. at Henry Whipple Primary School.

In the meantime, please post your comments and let me know how YOU think things are going with the blogsite. What is going well? What have you enjoyed? What do we need to do next?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Linda Chambers – Sherwood EIP Manager.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Spooky House Dilemma from Seely Juniors

Creeping cautiously, Joe searched the dark, dusty room. After a while of searching, Joe found a bookshelf neatly crammed with classic books such as: Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Oliver Twist. Suddenly, his attention was caught by some books on the middle shelf. Put together, they spelt:
Joe thought to himself, "That's just silly. How could you open a bookshelf, anyway?" After saying that, he thought of a little idea...

After pushing the bookshelf aside (which was surprisingly easy) Joe revealed a long spiral staircase.

To Be Continued...

Prokick Event comes to Henry Whipple!

On Monday 21st March, a professional footballer named lee is coming to do an event.
Lee will set up an inflatable goal which will have a camera behind which will calculate how fast the ball goes in. The children from each class who kick it in the fastest will receive a gold medal and a special trophy awarded to them with their name on! The children have taken a sponsorship form and have to kindly ask people to sponsor them. Children who raise over £25 will automatically receive a special addition prokick football and have their name on a school trophy.The money that is raised will go half and half,some to go towards P.E equipment for our school and half to charity of Lee's choice.

Ideas for title page

We would like to see children from different sherwood schools.We would like to see all types of people: boys, girls, black and white . We will contact parents/carers to get permission. We have photos of children working in and out of school.

The clouds

The clouds are like snails emerging to move around the world but the snails have no breath left and nor do the clouds and with one breath taking move they disappear and swap with the stars…

By Finley Moye, Year 4 Haydn Primary School

Henry Whipple's celebration for Red Nose Day

On Friday 18th March, to celebrate Red Nose Day, Henry Whipple Primary are having a pyjama day! A minimum donation of 50p is required. We hope to raise lots of money to help the unfortunate people in Africa.

Open the door

Go and open the door,
Maybe there’s a cave or a cavern or a lake of tears,
Swiftly and silently the crystal weaves its last song.

Go and open the door,
Maybe there has been bloodshed or a battle, or a battle to end all battles,
Maybe there’s a distant voice calling to heaven.

Go and open the door,
If there is a button, press it,
If it is empty as a broken soul,
If it is as old as Gandalf, Never fear,
At least we have the silence.

By Jack Nunez, Year 5 Haydn Primary School

Northgate Mega Maths Day!!!

Mega maths day was fab! Different classes did many different activities like making cakes, going around on interesting activities in the class, making shapes from play dough, playing some brilliant mathematic games on the play ground and much more. It was like a carousel around the school!
As a school, we had decided that it would be a good idea to have non- uniform as long as the clothing had a number on it. We all looked so bright and colourful.
Even after all this the fun didn’t stop! Key stage 1 had then started creating 2D shapes out of play dough and showing them to the rest of the class.
Believe it or not, the cakes did have an educational purpose as yr one’s had been learning about fractions. They learnt how to give equal amounts of the cake and this really helped.
The playground games seemed to be wildly popular and this was easy to see by the children’s attitudes. They were rather enthusiastic when learning about the co-ordinates just like the rest of the beneficial games. Everyone had a great time!
By Aysha

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bells ringing 
Snow falling
Sledges skidding
Christmas star glowing
Icicles   falling
Snowflakes glittering
Santa sledging
Wishes coming true
Angels flying
Fireworks setting off
Decorations glowing
Trees lighting up
Rain pouring
Music playing
Roads frozen
By Mitchell and Coleby, Year 2

Snow is falling I can hear polar bears digging holes to hide their food.
Snow is falling I can hear people trudging quickly in the deep cold snow.
Snow is falling I can smell the wet dampness of the shiny ice.
Snow is falling I can smell people cooking their delicious winter casseroles.
Snow is falling I can see trees covered in silver snow.
Snow is falling I can see icicles’ hanging from the roof tops.
Snow is falling I can feel snowflakes float on to my pink gloves.
Snow is falling I can feel the coldness on my white hands.

by Olivia
It was so cold that icicles where hanging off the roof tops and growing bigger and bigger every minute.
It was so cold that all the trees and plants outside where frozen.
It was so cold my door had frozen up and I couldn’t get it open.
It was so cold that all my food and drinks turned into ice.
It was so cold that all of the windows where frozen.

by Joshua


Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Seely Infants - Our Christmas stories......

Robot Dancing - 7 videos from a visit to the South ELC

Seely Infants Christmas Celebration

Here are some photos from our Christmas event - better late than never!

The Seely Videos 6 - The Space Team

Seely videos 5 - The end of the Long Armed Alien!

Seely Videos 4 - The Alien Hunt

Seely Videos 3 - Super Mum's Flight!

Seely Video 2 - Space Cream!

Seely Videos 1 - Banana in Space!

We hope you enjoy watching our 'stop-frame' videos -

Seely Infants Christmas Fun

Here are some examples of the writing and work we did over Christmas!

Our Christmas card

Our Christmas card writing

Christmas news

Monday, 17 January 2011

Strictly Come Robot Dancing

Year five & six took part in a control technology project, we worked partly at school & partly at the South E-Learning Centre.We made costumes at school and controlled the robots at the centre.We filmed the finished robot dances.

Henry Whipple Snowy Winter Pictures

By Phoebe, year 2

Hut Demolition

At Haydn Primary there has been a lot of work done on the infant and junior playgrounds. On the junior playground they are moving the football goals around the playground to one area so everyone wont get in the way of the children playing. In the infant playground the whole PE shed is being destroyed to make way for a new timber trail for them to play on.
We will keep you informed on the new playgrounds soon
By Lucas and Jack from Haydn Primary School

Northgates Snowy Day's!

In December we had a lot of snow, everyone was sliding down the banks, making snowmen and even having snowball fights!! Northgate school had alot of fun, everyone was slipping and falling! No one was aloud outside without coats, if people didn't want to play outside in the snow they were aloud to defrost in the hall. Lots of people were getting told off because they were throwing snowballs when Mrs. Anderson forbids them from doing so. The snow was awfully deep and luxoriously white. It was a very low temperature, but people didn't mind it. Children were sliding on their fronts, backs all over really! There was a giant snowman that was bigger than Mr. Dickinson, and everyone was trying to knock it down but they didn't succeed because it was too tall and strong!

Ice skating a reward for excellent behaviour.

115 children from years 1-6 and staff visited the outdoor ice rink in the old market square in Nottingham. The trip was earnt by these children with excellent behaviour and attendance for the autumn term which was fully paid for by school.

Northgate goes ice skating!!

In December some children from Northgate went ice skating. They got to go ice skating because they had worked really hard and earned 200 north stars! They got the tram to market square and had all the ice to themselves. Everyone had a really good time, even though some people kept on slipping over!!!

Water Poem from Seely

Water, blue that you drink,
Water, water that comes out of the sink.

Water, cold it's soaking wet,
Water, water, on the top of your pet.

Water's great in the swimming pool,
Water, water is very cool.

Water's fun, because you can have a water fight,
Water, water,on the days that its bright.

Water, water, splish splash splosh,
Water, water. you'd better have a wash.

Water's lovely, and sometimes hot,
Boiling up in a ginormous pot.

Water, water, as cold as the Antarctic,
Water, water my ice cubes are thick.

Water, water, gushing out the tap,
Better have a bath before my nap.

Water, water keeps me healthy,
Water, water, I'm not wealthy.

Water, wavey dish dash dosh,
Water, water, the waves go splosh.

Water, water, and the great sealife,
Water, water, we're not going to chop them with a knife.

Water, water on rainy days,
Water, water, never skimmed by x-rays.

Water, water, as clear as glass,
Water, water not a class.

By Saffiyah From Seely Junior School