Monday, 23 May 2011

New school!

Soon (after the year 6's have left), the school is being built bigger. It isn't being knocked down then rebuilt, its being built on the top and outwards, like Henry Whipple Primary. Some classes such as year 3/4 have made tally and bar charts about what the pupils what like in the school when it has been built bigger and we made a display in the hall, with all the work on it. Mrs. Anderson (our headteacher) gave each class a A2 piece of paper, including three questions;
1:What do you like about the school?
2:What do you want to add to the school?
3:What do you want to change about the school?
The most voted answers were to have have massage rooms, rollercoasters and swimming pools!

By Cole Ison, year 6.


  1. cool i love it what did you say to the answer?

  2. It would be awesome if a school did have those things!
    leah and rikki, henry whipple