Tuesday, 22 March 2011

February Fun!

Seely School all enjoyed celebrating and finding out about Chinese New Year. Some of the younger children created their own dragon dance and performed it to the rest of the school in assembly. Here is a photo of the dragon costume.

The Event

"Yaaaaaaaay!!" screamed 4W as they raced out for a long deserved break. The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Spring was coming. "La la la la la" chanted the year three's as they skipped out of there classroom. Even the ever so unhappy year six's were kind'a jolly . It was not an ordinary morning break time at Seely Junior School.

In fact Seely School was so jolly that no one noticed a dark, mysterious shadow covering the football area ... and pretty soon it covered the whole playground ... there was something green and doughnut shaped in the sky..."is it an extinct bird?" asked one boy from 4A. "Is it a plane from the German Air Force?" shouted a girl, who is a star in history. One boy who had excellent eyesight, shouted softly, "It's a flying saucer?" "You're crazy, your ballistic, your insane, your out of your mind! Well I think - I think it is!" stammered the humiliated boy with the great eyesight. Seely School looked up to see the unknown doughnut shaped object descending from its original place in the sky. "Well, whatever it is" declared a thin boy from year six,"It's going to land on our playground and crush us all." Another boy from year six cried, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!" "Are you sure?" screamed a boy with the softest voice you will ever hear. "OF COURSE IM SURE!" bellowed the boy furiously. "I DONT THINK IT WILL!" shrieked the boy with the soft voice bravely. "IT WILL!" insisted the year six boys with gritted teeth. "Stop arguing boys" demanded Miss Lancaster, who was on duty. "LOOK!" screamed everyone at once...

There, hanging just above the football area was an unknown thing that looked like a flying saucer. "I was right" screamed the humiliated boy with the great eyesight, "It is a flying saucer!" He was very proud of his eyeballs. Suddenly... there was a gigantic CRUSH!! The flying saucer landed on the football area. One girl, that loved football screeched, "NOOOOOOOOO!!" because the football area was destroyed, nowhere in sight, completely gone!

A mild and sweet smell of freshly made pancakes, maple syrup, Channel No.5 filled the air. Miss Lancaster seemed to be hypnotised by the smell because to everybody's utter surprise, she started moving towards the unknown, terrifying UFO! Miss Lancaster disappeared. By then, Miss Wesson flung open the door and walked like a zombie to the flying saucer followed by, Mr Hillier, Miss Richardson, Miss Atkinson and the rest of the teaching staff. The first two suddenly... disappeared, just like Miss Lancaster did, a few minutes before. The next moment, the flying saucer was already in the sky. Dumbfound, flabbergasted, thunderstruck, we stood there motionless. I had a sensation that this wasn't the end. Oh boy was I right. It was coming back. FLASH! And it sucked me in.

(To be continued....)

By James, Seely Junior School

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Seely Infant and Nursery Book Week

We dressed up as characters from traditional stories to celebrate World Book Day. Some of the children dressed up as Belle from Beauty and the Beast, Little Red Riding Hood, Robin Hood and lots more. Even the teachers dressed up! We had lots of fun.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

An e-Learning Journey!

Yesterday, we held our third Editor’s Board meeting of Sherwood Schools Blogspot and with Martin Macgillivray, Manager of the eLearning Centres to guide us, we certainly learnt a lot together!

First of all we learnt the difference between a website and a blogsite – (you can comment on the posts on a blogsite) so we had a go at posting our comments.

Then we had a discussion about what ‘tabs’ we would like at top of the Home page of the blogsite and Martin put these on for us. We decided that all pieces of excellent writing would go on the blog first as a ‘post’ and then at Editors Board Meetings we would decide which ones to showcase  in the “Top Stories” or “Poetry Corner” tabs.

Some of us cannot make the videos play so Martin is going to investigate this and then these can go in the “Video Showcase” tab.

Next we talked about re-designing the banner or watermark at the top of the Home page to feature staff and pupils from Sherwood EIP. From this, we learnt about copyright laws and how we can choose pictures etc. from ‘creative commons’ –stuff on certain websites which anyone can use (within certain restrictions).

We agreed that people would post on the site their ideas and photos for the banner design, or email them to Martin. This led us on to talking about e-safety – very important!  - and how it is essential to get permission from the person or children’s parent/carers before using any photos or videos of them. Everyone will check this before posting.

We also noticed that we need to change the name of the blogsite to something like “Sherwood Education Improvement Partnership Blogsite” . We’ll have to talk about this again next time!

So… as well as the children having somewhere to showcase their excellent work and tell their school news, they are learning lots about how to set up and use a blogsite -and its teething problems!- and about all the decisions that have to be made along the way.  It is a great e-learning journey!

We are meeting again on Monday, May 23rd at 1-3 p.m. at Henry Whipple Primary School.

In the meantime, please post your comments and let me know how YOU think things are going with the blogsite. What is going well? What have you enjoyed? What do we need to do next?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Linda Chambers – Sherwood EIP Manager.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Spooky House Dilemma from Seely Juniors

Creeping cautiously, Joe searched the dark, dusty room. After a while of searching, Joe found a bookshelf neatly crammed with classic books such as: Shakespeare, Sherlock Holmes and Oliver Twist. Suddenly, his attention was caught by some books on the middle shelf. Put together, they spelt:
Joe thought to himself, "That's just silly. How could you open a bookshelf, anyway?" After saying that, he thought of a little idea...

After pushing the bookshelf aside (which was surprisingly easy) Joe revealed a long spiral staircase.

To Be Continued...

Prokick Event comes to Henry Whipple!

On Monday 21st March, a professional footballer named lee is coming to do an event.
Lee will set up an inflatable goal which will have a camera behind which will calculate how fast the ball goes in. The children from each class who kick it in the fastest will receive a gold medal and a special trophy awarded to them with their name on! The children have taken a sponsorship form and have to kindly ask people to sponsor them. Children who raise over £25 will automatically receive a special addition prokick football and have their name on a school trophy.The money that is raised will go half and half,some to go towards P.E equipment for our school and half to charity of Lee's choice.

Ideas for title page

We would like to see children from different sherwood schools.We would like to see all types of people: boys, girls, black and white . We will contact parents/carers to get permission. We have photos of children working in and out of school.

The clouds

The clouds are like snails emerging to move around the world but the snails have no breath left and nor do the clouds and with one breath taking move they disappear and swap with the stars…

By Finley Moye, Year 4 Haydn Primary School

Henry Whipple's celebration for Red Nose Day

On Friday 18th March, to celebrate Red Nose Day, Henry Whipple Primary are having a pyjama day! A minimum donation of 50p is required. We hope to raise lots of money to help the unfortunate people in Africa.

Open the door

Go and open the door,
Maybe there’s a cave or a cavern or a lake of tears,
Swiftly and silently the crystal weaves its last song.

Go and open the door,
Maybe there has been bloodshed or a battle, or a battle to end all battles,
Maybe there’s a distant voice calling to heaven.

Go and open the door,
If there is a button, press it,
If it is empty as a broken soul,
If it is as old as Gandalf, Never fear,
At least we have the silence.

By Jack Nunez, Year 5 Haydn Primary School

Northgate Mega Maths Day!!!

Mega maths day was fab! Different classes did many different activities like making cakes, going around on interesting activities in the class, making shapes from play dough, playing some brilliant mathematic games on the play ground and much more. It was like a carousel around the school!
As a school, we had decided that it would be a good idea to have non- uniform as long as the clothing had a number on it. We all looked so bright and colourful.
Even after all this the fun didn’t stop! Key stage 1 had then started creating 2D shapes out of play dough and showing them to the rest of the class.
Believe it or not, the cakes did have an educational purpose as yr one’s had been learning about fractions. They learnt how to give equal amounts of the cake and this really helped.
The playground games seemed to be wildly popular and this was easy to see by the children’s attitudes. They were rather enthusiastic when learning about the co-ordinates just like the rest of the beneficial games. Everyone had a great time!
By Aysha

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Bells ringing 
Snow falling
Sledges skidding
Christmas star glowing
Icicles   falling
Snowflakes glittering
Santa sledging
Wishes coming true
Angels flying
Fireworks setting off
Decorations glowing
Trees lighting up
Rain pouring
Music playing
Roads frozen
By Mitchell and Coleby, Year 2

Snow is falling I can hear polar bears digging holes to hide their food.
Snow is falling I can hear people trudging quickly in the deep cold snow.
Snow is falling I can smell the wet dampness of the shiny ice.
Snow is falling I can smell people cooking their delicious winter casseroles.
Snow is falling I can see trees covered in silver snow.
Snow is falling I can see icicles’ hanging from the roof tops.
Snow is falling I can feel snowflakes float on to my pink gloves.
Snow is falling I can feel the coldness on my white hands.

by Olivia
It was so cold that icicles where hanging off the roof tops and growing bigger and bigger every minute.
It was so cold that all the trees and plants outside where frozen.
It was so cold my door had frozen up and I couldn’t get it open.
It was so cold that all my food and drinks turned into ice.
It was so cold that all of the windows where frozen.

by Joshua