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"Yaaaaaaaay!!" screamed 4W as they raced out for a long deserved break. The sun was shining, the birds were singing , Spring was coming . "La la la la la" chanted the year three's as they skipped out of there classroom. Even ever so unhappy year six were kind'a jolly. It was not an ordinary morning break time at Seely Junior School.

In fact Seely School was so jolly that no-one noticed a dark , mysterious shadow covering the football area ... and pretty soon it covered the whole playground ... there was something green and doughnut shaped in the sky..."is it an extinct bird?" asked one boy from 4A. "Is it a plane from the German Air Force?" shouted a girl, who is a star in history. One boy who had excellent eyesight, shouted softly, "It's a flying saucer!" "You're crazy, your ballistic, your insane; you’re out of your mind! Well I think - I think it is!" stammered the humiliated boy with the great eyesight. Seely School looked up to see the unknown doughnut shaped object descending from its original place in the sky. "Well, whatever it is" declared a thin boy from year six, “It’s going to land on our playground and crush us all." Another boy from year six cried, "RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!” "Are you sure?" screamed a boy with the softest voice you will ever hear. "OF COURSE IM SURE!" bellowed the boy furiously. "I DONT THINK IT WILL!" shrieked the boy with the soft voice bravely. "IT WILL!" insisted the year six boys with gritted teeth. "Stop arguing boys" demanded Miss Lancaster, who was on duty. "LOOK!" screamed everyone at once...

There, hanging just above the football area was an unknown thing that looked like a flying saucer. "I was right" screamed the humiliated boy with the great eyesight, "It is a flying saucer!" He was very proud of his eyeballs. Suddenly... there was a gigantic CRUSH!!!! The flying saucer landed on the football area. One girl that loved football screeched, “NOOOOOOOOO!" because the football area was destroyed, nowhere in sight, completely gone!

A mild and sweet smell of freshly made pancakes, maple syrup, Channel No.5 filled the air. Miss Lancaster seemed to be hypnotised by the smell because to everybody’s utter surprise, she started moving towards the unknown, terrifying UFO! Miss Lancaster disappeared. By then, Miss Wesson flung open the door and walked like a zombie to the flying saucer followed by, Mr Hillier, Miss Richardson, Miss Atkinson and the rest of the teaching staff. The first two suddenly... disappeared, just like Miss Lancaster did, a few minutes before. The next moment, the flying saucer was already in the sky. Dumbfound, flabbergasted, thunderstruck, we stood there motionless. I had a sensation that this wasn't the end. Oh boy was I right. It was coming back. FLASH!!!! And it sucked me in.

(To be continued....)

James Duncan, Seely Junior School