Monday, 23 May 2011

A Description of A Mythical Creature

Her emerald ,seaweed hair glows spookily water waiting to strangle her prey.She has a forked tail that bangs on the bottom of the sea, creating terrible waves and storms. On the end of her scaly tail is a luminous lantern , guiding unknowing boats towards her. This fearsome beast has eyes all around her head to see what's going on arond her in the vast ,gloomy ocean.Her wobbly legs are like jellyfish, but much stronger, they sting painfully when you touch them, they have razor sharp claws on the end of them. She has venemous mouldy teeth that she uses to kill and eat her prey.Her talons are very strong she uses them to batter the bottom of boats, sinking them. She has an ugly, gruesome head which has three deadly meathods of killing. Her scales are electric blue and give you electric shock when you touch them.

By Tess (yr 5)


  1. An excellent description it gave me the chills!

  2. wow,what a sensational description! We have a great image in our head now.