Monday, 14 March 2011

Northgate Mega Maths Day!!!

Mega maths day was fab! Different classes did many different activities like making cakes, going around on interesting activities in the class, making shapes from play dough, playing some brilliant mathematic games on the play ground and much more. It was like a carousel around the school!
As a school, we had decided that it would be a good idea to have non- uniform as long as the clothing had a number on it. We all looked so bright and colourful.
Even after all this the fun didn’t stop! Key stage 1 had then started creating 2D shapes out of play dough and showing them to the rest of the class.
Believe it or not, the cakes did have an educational purpose as yr one’s had been learning about fractions. They learnt how to give equal amounts of the cake and this really helped.
The playground games seemed to be wildly popular and this was easy to see by the children’s attitudes. They were rather enthusiastic when learning about the co-ordinates just like the rest of the beneficial games. Everyone had a great time!
By Aysha

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