This is a kind of website called a 'blog'. It has been set up to allow pupils from the Sherwood family of schools to share exciting news about what is happening in our schools. In this blog, pupils will also have the opportunity to share great writing.

Pupils poetry, stories and reports will be put on this blog and shared with everybody on the Internet. It is a great way to let parents and families see and read the great work pupils do.

Parents and teachers:

This website (a 'weblog' or 'blog' for short) has been set up to give pupils an opportunity to develop and share their creative writing to the Sherwood family of schools.

The blog’s main function will be to promote a continual writing process, featuring poetry, stories, journal reflections as well as a chance for students to develop critical thinking skills as they comment on each others writing.

This blog is set up to reduce to a minimum any Internet risks for the pupils. No personal information will be disclosed and passwords will only be made available to the individual teachers. Your school will have a policy for using the Internet, which will include guidance for pupils, parents and teachers. Ask your school if you need further information.

It is hoped that pupils, parents and teachers will use this blog to comment on pupils' work. To make a comment you must create a profile / account name. Please note that comments will be moderated before they appear on the blog (this is a safety procedure as it prevents unkind or inappropriate comments.)

The skills developed through using a blog are part of lifelong learning and will become more part of pupils' lives as they develop.

If you want to know more about using blogs in education click here.