Thursday, 25 November 2010

Seely Juniors visit Nottingham Castle and Brewers' Yard!

Last week on Friday, the Year 6’s from Seely Junior  went to Nottingham Castle and Brewers Yard for the afternoon. They had to go at quarter to 1 so they had lunch 15 minutes early. (Quarter past 12) We went onto a double-decker bus! Sadly my class didn’t go on the top deck. When we got there each class were sorted  into three different groups. (This happened because there were three  teachers) First of all my class went around the castle and the other class went to Brewers Yard. In the castle my group went to look at the art gallery. Then we looked at the historical part. After that both classes swapped places and my class went into an Anderson Shelter! It was very cool and we even heard bombs dropping.
Emily Seely junior

Launch of Sherwood School Blog

Today we went to the E-Learning Centre to launch a Sherwood school blog.

We learned how to create a blog and we are going back to school to collect information.

Tess and Lucas

Visit news from Te-Ella and Hamzah

This is the North E-Learning Centre.
We went for the morning to make a blog. We learnt how to make something new which we hadn’t done before!
We had a nice time. We met new  schools.

Interview with Jamie

We interviewed Jamie Tinney from the e-learning centre. He showed us all about 'blogs'. Here is the video.......................

by Rikki and Leah, Henry Whipple

On Thursday 25th November, two children from five of the schools located in Sherwood got together and went to the eLearning centre North.  We created our own blog for the EIP so that we could share our work and ideas and experiences. Every half term we will be selecting which work will go on the blog, and it’s our responsibility to put it on.
Georgie and Bethany, Burford primary school.

Pupil Training

Sherwood EIP has set up a new blog for schools across Sherwood to upload and talk about news from their school events and news. The schools involved are Seely Infant, Seely Junior, Henry Whipple, Northgate, Haydn Primary, Carrington and Burford. We came to the E-Learning Centre to receive training from Jamie Tinney of how to set up the blog and design it. First of all we leant how to create the blog and then we were able to either write, take pictures, or film videos. We asked Bethany from Burford Primary why she thought the website will be important for schools around Sherwood and she said “It will be good to share ideas and pieces of work from us and other pupils.”
Jack, Haydn Primary