Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Winner, Spooky House Dilemma

Joe creeps down the staircase. He sees a black door, half open.The moment he steps inside he's in pitch black." How will I ever find my way out, if I can't find the door?Mind you a light would be more useful." He spoke out loud. Of course the most obvious thing would be to look for the light switch. He did this with great difficulty. Stepping carefully his fingers rubbed against a switch, a light turned on.Joe had been on a platform , that had a door at one end labelled 'VISITOR'.At the other end was a steep drop.At the edge of the platform was a light switch, the one that Joe had turned on. He was now falling down very slowly but still had his hopes up.The light went out of view. As he went down the drop, he came past lots of sleeping ghosts, as well as other doors, labelled J.K. Rowling, Roald Dahl and so on. He fell on hard stone floor, luckily a light witch was on. He heard voices, merry voices.He saw a golden door. Taking a deep breath, he stepped inside and stood for a while in silence. What could go wrong?
Joe saw all the writers of his favourite books, all writing on a laptop or notepad.He met some of the writersa nd waved to others. He found a rusty, creaky, crumbly staircase. A ghost came up to him and said," You shouldn't be here. Everyone is scared of this house."
" I'm not scared,"replied Joe.
"Is that so? Even if you met Dr Spook?" asked the ghost timidly.
" I might be, how would I know? I haven't met him," whispered Joe.
" You wouldn't want to,always talks about when he was alive, breathing and innocent," grumbled the ghost.
"What do you mean innocent?Not all humans are innocent,"laughed Joe.
"Really, humans look it, they even have lungs," replied the ghost.
Joe felt scared as the ghost spoke.His voice was icy and cold, like no warmthe had flown through his body for decades.
He plucked up his courage and said,"Excuse me kind ghost, but where does this staircase lead to?"
"Dr spook's lab, but I wouldn't be thinking of him this hour, he'll be too moody," the ghost whispered sleepily.
Jow whispered goodbye and went up the staircase.He found the lab alright! The voice of Dr spook came through the open door.
"When I was alive,breathing and proud, I had the best legs ever, but not now, no-one cares about Dr Spook. Don't think I don't know what the ther ghosts say, he moans a lot, he's moody, I'll show them!" grumbled Dr Spook.
Joe crept in through the doorway.
"Who's there? If it's Mandy, go away, if it's Charles, leave it to lunch! So who is it?"
"Joe, I'm here on a visit,"replied Joe fearlessly.
"Joe, you're a visitor I take it, a breather?"
"Yes," Jo answered uncomfortably.
"Welcome to my lab, or as the other ghosts say the 'freak clubhouse'. Only myself here, trying my experiments," grumbled Mr Spook.
" What experiments, for what?" Joe asked,a little excited.
" To turn ghosts to human, or find a way to have human body, mumbled Dr spook.
"Is that possible?"asked Joe doubtfully
" It might be, this is my 1563rd attempt. I've been trying for a year and 6 months now."
"Can I help?"
"Hmm I might need a human to help with the experiments, plus I need a human to fetch my equipment and lots of clean tubes."
" I'll be glad to!" replied Joe happily.
"we won't start yet, too late, we need our sleep," yawned Dr Spook sleepily.
Dr Spook led Joe to a wall with a statue. He pulled the statue's arm, a door opened.Inside was a velvet curtain across the window, soft comfy beds(2),wardrobes and a small bathroom, kitchen and sitting room. Joe swa a picture, it looked like a young man holding a baby. Joe slept, so did Dr Spook.
In the morning, Dr Spook got up, so did Joe.For 53 days they tried potions of all kinds to turn ghost to man, all in vain.
Joe went into the old house's library.He found an old fairy tale said'What makes a human is sorrow,joy and laughter.'
Hmm maybe,thought Joe,Dr Spook has plenty of sorrow, no joy.
Dr Spook used to be a sailor, so did Joe's grandfather.Joe felt sure that the picture in Dr Spook's room was of him, as a baby, and his grandfather.
"Dr Spook,I don't think you'll ever become human by mixing odd ingredients,"Joe whispered nervously.
"Why,what else can I try?" enquired Dr Spook.
"Well, my book says real humans hav sorrow and joy.You have to be happy!"laughed Joe. So Dr Spook tried to smile and laugh all day. after a week, he was almost human.His breath was warm, he had blood but something was missing." I don't understand, why aren't I human?" shouted Dr Spook.
" I don't know,maybe you're not trying hard enough!"answered Joe stressfully.
"I am trying,I've cried,laughed, argued, made friends,what else can I do?"argued Dr Spook.
All night Joe thought about hs mum and dad, he felt a bond maryeven though he was in a creepy house,
"I've the answer, it's love! "shouted Joe one morning.
"What's that?" enquired Dr Spook.
"Well, I love my mum and she loves me,it's like friendship, only more powerful,"answered Joe.
"I don't have any family to love,"whispered Dr Spook, tears fell from his eyes.
So Joe searched for a relative for Dr spook to love. Then it struck him, Dr Spook was his grandfather, who sailed to sea and never returned.
"Dr Spook, I'm your...."
"I know, my grandson ," said Mr Spook. He cried. Suddenly Dr Spook had bright blue eyes, dark hair and white teeth."We must escape!" shouted Mr Spook. They ran into a door, they were floating upwards. They found a platform and stopped to catch their breath.
"Why would they hurt us?"spoke Joe, out of breath.
"I am human, so they shall attack," replied Dr Spook. They pushed open the bookcase, and left the crooked house. Carefully they twisted and turned through all the dusty furniture. soon they were back at Joe's house. Dr spook changed his name to Mr Lupin. That was his brother, a werewolf's name . Joe never ever saw a ghost again, well almost never...

By Emily , Year 5

Monday, 15 August 2011

Spooky House Dilemma. Carrington Key stage 1 winner

The long spiral staircase led Joe upwards to a treasure trove of old books. Each book allowed Joe to jump inside it and become part of the story.There were adventure books, funny books, scary books, nature books, science books,travel books and magic books.
Suddenly he saw a person, or he thought it was a person but he realised it was a ghost. Then he heard a voice and it was very scary.
The voice said"Get out of this cottage!"
Joe said "No!"
The ghost said"I'll get my friends to come and kill you."
He just wanted to run away home. Joe ran back to the bookshelvesand found a book with a shiny red cover, but it had no name and all the pages were empty. He jumped into it , but where would the story take him?
To be continued....
by Ellie , aged 6