Monday, 15 August 2011

Spooky House Dilemma. Carrington Key stage 1 winner

The long spiral staircase led Joe upwards to a treasure trove of old books. Each book allowed Joe to jump inside it and become part of the story.There were adventure books, funny books, scary books, nature books, science books,travel books and magic books.
Suddenly he saw a person, or he thought it was a person but he realised it was a ghost. Then he heard a voice and it was very scary.
The voice said"Get out of this cottage!"
Joe said "No!"
The ghost said"I'll get my friends to come and kill you."
He just wanted to run away home. Joe ran back to the bookshelvesand found a book with a shiny red cover, but it had no name and all the pages were empty. He jumped into it , but where would the story take him?
To be continued....
by Ellie , aged 6


  1. It was good and spooky and scary by leah

  2. I love the way you added a cliff-hanger! :):0 I wonder what will happen next...

  3. it was good and spoocy nand sceray by guy at Carrington