Monday, 14 November 2011

K'nex day - Haydn Primary

Our amazing year 2 class went to a K'nex day, they mixed with other groups and had a bucket load of fun!

Haydn - Spanish - European Language day

One of the Infant classes in European Language day learnt about a spanish artist called Joan Miro!

Knex Day

14 November 2011

Maths Week at Seely Infants

Last week we had Maths Week. There was a maths competition and the prize was a day with Matthew the Mathematical Bear.
In Class 9, we made smoothies and we needed to order the fruits correctly.
In Class 7, we had lots of fun learning about maths and we learnt about money on one afternoon.
In Class 6, we made bread and decorated biscuits with symmetrical patterns.
In the hall, we had lots of fun maths games. One was a doughnut game and another was noughts and crosses. We had lots of activities and games in the classroom.

KNEX at Henry Whipple.

On Tuesday 4th October,6 schools came to Henry Whipple Primary School. 5 children came from each primary school to make a fair ground model out of KNEX. People from different schools worked in 3's and they made a big wheel and much more out of KNEX. It gave them some experience of engineering.

Remembrance Day

From 1914 to 1918 there was World War 1
From1939 to1945 there was Wold War 2

Everyone was shooting ,tanks firing cannons,
homes burning and soldiers charging from
the trenches

Now today we wear a poppy to remember
those who perished, all their graves lying
silent numbering in thousands

So that is why we wear the poppy to honur
all who dided here on Remembrance Day.

Remembrance Day

This is the day,

Where they lay.

In the ground,

You can't hear a sound.

Poppies are red,

And all the people bled.

They in Flanders Fields,

And don't ever forget,

They did'nt yield.