Monday, 23 May 2011


Here is report about Boudicca written by Molly Alexander, 3M, Haydn Primary School:

Where did Boudicca live?

Boudicca was a Celtic Queen that lived almost 2,000 years ago when Britain was part of the Roman Empire.

Who were the Roman Leaders?

At this time, Britain was divided up into kingdoms and each kingdom had a leader. The Romans quite liked the idea of seperate kingdoms fighting each other because it meant that they were less likely to join together and fight against the Romans.

Who was Boudicca married to and what did he think?

Boudicca married King Prasudagus, who was king of the Iceni Tribe. Prasudagus was worried that this would not continue when he had died.

When and where did Boudicca fight?

Boudicca's battles happened when Suentinius Paulinos, the grovenor of Rome was away fighting Druids in Anglesey, North Wales. This meant that the Romans who were left behind didn't have a leader to tell them what to do but... When Suentonius Paulinos heard about the Iceni revolt, he decided to come back which was when things started to go a bit wrong for Boudicca.

When and how did Boudicca die?

Boudicca died around AD 66 because she had poisoned herself with a special type of poison.

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