Monday, 23 May 2011

S.A.T.S & afterwards treat!

Two weeks ago, the Year 6's started their S.A.T.S. Although they were badly stressed, they pulled through just fine. They all found it hard (even the clever one's, who don't admit it). On Monday, they had a reading test. Tuesday, they had long writing, short writing and spelling. On Wednesday, they had maths paper A and a mental maths test. Thursday, they had maths paper B. Finally, on Friday they had the day off. But not exactly, they walked down to the Forest (local park) and split into two groups-football group ( they'd play football on the field) and the park group (they'd play on the park and all the slides e.t.c). Although the year 6's went to the Forest, the year 5's went as well to say thank-you for being crammed in the community room!

By Cole Ison, year 6.

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