Monday, 23 May 2011

ice skating year 5`s

Every Thursday the year 5`s have been going ice skating. First we split into two groups, then one group goes into a room where you play games and do exciting things, the other group goes to line up to get their ice skates. When we have put our ice skates on we go on the ice. There is two groups, a high group and a low group. There are 4 people in the highest group and loads off people in the low group. Because I am in the highest group these are a couple of tricks that we do. Little man - you have to bend your knees and stretch your arms out in front off you and glide, lemons - you have to move your feet in out in out whilst skating, double jump - you have to do a double jump , lifting one foot off the ground whilst gliding, and last but not least is skating backwards - you have to lift up your feet whilst going backwards and you will begin to slide back wards
by Carla Charles, year 5

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