Monday, 17 January 2011

Strictly Come Robot Dancing

Year five & six took part in a control technology project, we worked partly at school & partly at the South E-Learning Centre.We made costumes at school and controlled the robots at the centre.We filmed the finished robot dances.

Henry Whipple Snowy Winter Pictures

By Phoebe, year 2

Hut Demolition

At Haydn Primary there has been a lot of work done on the infant and junior playgrounds. On the junior playground they are moving the football goals around the playground to one area so everyone wont get in the way of the children playing. In the infant playground the whole PE shed is being destroyed to make way for a new timber trail for them to play on.
We will keep you informed on the new playgrounds soon
By Lucas and Jack from Haydn Primary School

Northgates Snowy Day's!

In December we had a lot of snow, everyone was sliding down the banks, making snowmen and even having snowball fights!! Northgate school had alot of fun, everyone was slipping and falling! No one was aloud outside without coats, if people didn't want to play outside in the snow they were aloud to defrost in the hall. Lots of people were getting told off because they were throwing snowballs when Mrs. Anderson forbids them from doing so. The snow was awfully deep and luxoriously white. It was a very low temperature, but people didn't mind it. Children were sliding on their fronts, backs all over really! There was a giant snowman that was bigger than Mr. Dickinson, and everyone was trying to knock it down but they didn't succeed because it was too tall and strong!

Ice skating a reward for excellent behaviour.

115 children from years 1-6 and staff visited the outdoor ice rink in the old market square in Nottingham. The trip was earnt by these children with excellent behaviour and attendance for the autumn term which was fully paid for by school.

Northgate goes ice skating!!

In December some children from Northgate went ice skating. They got to go ice skating because they had worked really hard and earned 200 north stars! They got the tram to market square and had all the ice to themselves. Everyone had a really good time, even though some people kept on slipping over!!!

Water Poem from Seely

Water, blue that you drink,
Water, water that comes out of the sink.

Water, cold it's soaking wet,
Water, water, on the top of your pet.

Water's great in the swimming pool,
Water, water is very cool.

Water's fun, because you can have a water fight,
Water, water,on the days that its bright.

Water, water, splish splash splosh,
Water, water. you'd better have a wash.

Water's lovely, and sometimes hot,
Boiling up in a ginormous pot.

Water, water, as cold as the Antarctic,
Water, water my ice cubes are thick.

Water, water, gushing out the tap,
Better have a bath before my nap.

Water, water keeps me healthy,
Water, water, I'm not wealthy.

Water, wavey dish dash dosh,
Water, water, the waves go splosh.

Water, water, and the great sealife,
Water, water, we're not going to chop them with a knife.

Water, water on rainy days,
Water, water, never skimmed by x-rays.

Water, water, as clear as glass,
Water, water not a class.

By Saffiyah From Seely Junior School