Monday, 17 January 2011

Water Poem from Seely

Water, blue that you drink,
Water, water that comes out of the sink.

Water, cold it's soaking wet,
Water, water, on the top of your pet.

Water's great in the swimming pool,
Water, water is very cool.

Water's fun, because you can have a water fight,
Water, water,on the days that its bright.

Water, water, splish splash splosh,
Water, water. you'd better have a wash.

Water's lovely, and sometimes hot,
Boiling up in a ginormous pot.

Water, water, as cold as the Antarctic,
Water, water my ice cubes are thick.

Water, water, gushing out the tap,
Better have a bath before my nap.

Water, water keeps me healthy,
Water, water, I'm not wealthy.

Water, wavey dish dash dosh,
Water, water, the waves go splosh.

Water, water, and the great sealife,
Water, water, we're not going to chop them with a knife.

Water, water on rainy days,
Water, water, never skimmed by x-rays.

Water, water, as clear as glass,
Water, water not a class.

By Saffiyah From Seely Junior School

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  1. I like this poem because of the vocabulary that has been used.