Monday, 17 January 2011

Northgates Snowy Day's!

In December we had a lot of snow, everyone was sliding down the banks, making snowmen and even having snowball fights!! Northgate school had alot of fun, everyone was slipping and falling! No one was aloud outside without coats, if people didn't want to play outside in the snow they were aloud to defrost in the hall. Lots of people were getting told off because they were throwing snowballs when Mrs. Anderson forbids them from doing so. The snow was awfully deep and luxoriously white. It was a very low temperature, but people didn't mind it. Children were sliding on their fronts, backs all over really! There was a giant snowman that was bigger than Mr. Dickinson, and everyone was trying to knock it down but they didn't succeed because it was too tall and strong!

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