Monday, 23 May 2011

Sir Francis Dawn (Seely Juniors)

He saw it, the ghost of sir Francis dawn. It hovered before turning to flee into the starry moonlight night, Tim stood gazing at where the transparent figure had once been...

Tim decided to go to his local library to gather some information on sir Francis dawn, he went up to the Liberian's desk and asked
"Do you by any chance have any information on sir Francis dawn please miss?"
"Yes, we do on aisle 6, shelf 2, book 246." She replied in her friendly voice.
"Thank you." Said Tim. He started walking away to where he thought the book would be. (It was there) he took it off the shelf and read what he needed:
Sir Francis dawn died, but he never got what he always wanted... a sailing ship. Tim flipped the page and there he saw a little picture of a sailing ship. He automatically knew it was dawn's!

That night Tim waited at the spot where he first had seen the ghost . Then a ghostly Francis dawn came towards him red eyes blazing. Tim thrust the picture at the terror. Next a funny thing happened, there was a blinding flash and the ghost had gone, it had disappeared. Tim went back every night for a week, but still no ghost so life went back to normal and Tim kept that secret for the rest of his life!

By Manny
Year 4
Seely Junior school

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