Monday, 14 March 2011

Open the door

Go and open the door,
Maybe there’s a cave or a cavern or a lake of tears,
Swiftly and silently the crystal weaves its last song.

Go and open the door,
Maybe there has been bloodshed or a battle, or a battle to end all battles,
Maybe there’s a distant voice calling to heaven.

Go and open the door,
If there is a button, press it,
If it is empty as a broken soul,
If it is as old as Gandalf, Never fear,
At least we have the silence.

By Jack Nunez, Year 5 Haydn Primary School


  1. We like the whole idea of opening the door and the phrases and vocabulary are extremely thrilling and sensational,good job!! :D

  2. Wow! There is real talent in our EIP!