Thursday, 25 November 2010

Seely Juniors visit Nottingham Castle and Brewers' Yard!

Last week on Friday, the Year 6’s from Seely Junior  went to Nottingham Castle and Brewers Yard for the afternoon. They had to go at quarter to 1 so they had lunch 15 minutes early. (Quarter past 12) We went onto a double-decker bus! Sadly my class didn’t go on the top deck. When we got there each class were sorted  into three different groups. (This happened because there were three  teachers) First of all my class went around the castle and the other class went to Brewers Yard. In the castle my group went to look at the art gallery. Then we looked at the historical part. After that both classes swapped places and my class went into an Anderson Shelter! It was very cool and we even heard bombs dropping.
Emily Seely junior

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